更多电子版资料加微信 15594998676 免费获取 Unit1 1. 弹吉他 play the guitar 2. 打排球 play volleyball 3. 喜欢打扑克 like to play/playing cards 4. 喜欢下棋 like to play/playing chess 5. 说英语 speak English 6. 用英语说谢谢 say thanks in English 7. 参加一个体育俱乐部 join a sports club 8. 擅长讲故事 be good at telling stories 9. 讲英语的学生 English-speaking students 10. 一个讲故事俱乐部 a stories telling club 11. 帮助某人做某事 help sb ((to) do sth 12.招聘乐手 musician wanted 13. 就某 事跟 某 人展 开讨 论 talk with sb about sth 14. 打中国功夫 do Chinese kung fu 15. 给 我 看 看 你 的 字 典 show me your dictionary 16. 需要你帮忙做家务 need you to help with the housework 17. 擅于跟老人相处 be good with the old/be good at getting along with old people 18. 老人之家 old people’s home 19. 和某人交朋友 make friends with sb 20. 教我们英语 teach us English station 14. 上学迟到(2 种)(1).be late for school (2).arrive late for school 15. 在周末 on weekends 16. 在工作日 on workdays 17. 打扫房间 clean the room 18. 我最好的朋友 my best friend 19. 去散步(3 种)(1.)take a work(2.)go for a walk(3.) have a walk 20. 吃 过 早 饭 后 (1.)after breakfast(2.)after having breakfast 21. 或者…或者…either…or…(就近原则) 22. 对健康有好处 be good for health 23. 尝起来不错 taste good 24. 在周六的早上 on Saturday morning 25. 认为 think of Unit3 1. 步行回家(2 种)(1).walk to home(2).go home on foot 2. 骑自行车上学(2 种)(1)ride a bike to school(2).go to school by bike 3. 坐地铁上班 (2 种) (1).take a/the subway to work(2).go to work by subway 4. 到家 get home 5. 祝你今天愉快(1). have a good day 6. 15 分钟的公交车车程 15 minutes’ bus ride 7. 三千学生 three thousand students 8. 两百种蝴蝶 two hundred butterflies 9. 成百上千的学生 hundreds of students 10. 滑滑索过河 go on a ropeway to cross the river 11. 在你我之间 between you and me 12. 一个八岁小男孩 an eight-year-old boy 13. 害怕蛇 be afraid of snake 14. 离 开 西 安 去 上 海 leave Xi’an for Shanghai 15. 对我来说像父亲 be like a father to me 16. 梦 想 着 拥 有 一 座 桥 dream to have a bridge 17. 停止说话 stop talking 18. 停下来休息一下 stop to have a rest Unit2 1. 上床睡觉 go to bed 2. 起床 get up 3. 熬夜 stay up late 4. 醒来 waken/awake/wake up 5. 去上学/去上班 go to school/work 6. 穿上衣服 get dressed 7. 用一 只牙 刷刷牙 brush teeth with one toothbrush 8. 很快吃完早餐 eat breakfast very quickly 9.洗澡 take a shower 10. 在早上 7:45 at a quarter to eight a.m. 11. 在晚上 11:30 at half past eleven p.m. 12. 有很多作业要做 have a lot of work to do 13. 在一家广播电台工作 work at a radio

Unit4 1. 遵守规则(3 种动词)follow / keep/ obey the rules 2. 违反规则 break the rules 3. 在课堂上 in class 4. 在上学/在工作 be at school 5. 按时上学 go to school on time 6. 及时帮助他人 help others in time 7. 听音乐 listen to music 8. 跟某人因某事产生争执 fight with sb. for sth. 9. 在餐厅吃饭 eat food at the restaurant 10. 在图书馆保持安静 keep/be/stay quiet in the library 11. 穿校服 wear school uniforms 12. 其中的一些规矩 some of the rules 13. 把 音 乐 播 放 器 带 来 学 校 bring music player to school 14. 照相 take photos 15. 害怕晚上外出 be afraid of going out in the evening 16. 练习拉小提琴 practice playing the violin 17. 洗盘子(三种动词) do/wash/clean the dishes 18. 做早餐 cook/make breakfast 19. 帮妈妈打扫房间 help mother (to) clean the room 20. 铺床 make one’s bed 21. 在某方面对某人严格要求 be strict with sb in sth 22. 记得要关灯 remember to turn off the light 23. 记得关过灯了 remember turning off the light 5. 用两条腿走路 walk with two legs 6. 来自英国(2 种)come/be from 7. 很喜欢读书 like reading/taking a reading 8. 黑白相间 black and white 9. 好吧 all right 10. 你是对的 you are right 11. 没关系 it’s all right 12. 拯救大象/节约用水 save elephants/water 13. 好运的象征 a symbol of good luck 14. 迷路 get lost 15. 行走很长时间 walk for a long time 16. 有水有食物的地方 the place with food and water 17. 处于极度的危险之中 be in great danger 18. 砍伐树木 cut down trees 19. 为了象牙而猎杀大象 kill elephants for ivory 20. 象牙制品 things made of ivory 21. 由 … 制 成 be made of( 看 得 出 原 料)/from(看不出原材料) 22. 为某人买某物 buy sth for sb Unit6 1. 读报纸 read newspapers 2. 在电话上聊天 talk on the phone 3. 去看电影 (3 种) go to the movies/go to the cinema/ go to see the films 4. 用电脑写一封电子邮件 write an e-mile on the computer 5. 做一 碗西红柿鸡 蛋汤 cook a bowl of tomato and egg soup/soup with tomatoes and eggs 6. 打扫房间 clean the room 7. 听 CD listen to CDs 8. 在电视上看龙舟赛 watch the dragon boat races on TV 9. 我 最 喜 欢 的 电 视 节 目 my favorite TV show 10. 没 什 么 重 要 的 事 there’s nothing important 11. 和 我 一 起 吃 晚 饭 eat dinner with me together 12.外出就餐 eat out Unit5 1. 2. 3. 4. 让某人不要做某事 tell sb not to do sth 告诉某人不要做某事 tell sb not to do sth 一种动物 a kind of animal 有点儿刺激 kind of exciting

13.明天见 see you tomorrow 14. 端午节 Dragon Boat Festival 15. 和一个美国寄宿家庭住在一起 live with an American host family 16. 跟其它任何一天一样 be like any other day 17. 祝您好运 good luck to you 18. 没有家能像家一样 no home like home 19. 该小孩子讲故事 it’s the child’s turn to tell stories 20. 思念家人 miss one’s family Unit8 1. 在这附近 (3 种) around here/ near here/ in the neighborhood 2. 在大街上 on Center Street 3. 在教室前排 in the front of the classroom 4. 在银行前面 in front of the bank 5. 在图书馆后面 behind the library 6. 在邮局对面 across from the post office 7. 紧挨着警局 next to the police station 8. 在 你 们 和 他 们 之 间 between you and them 9. 在 Lily 的右边 on the right of Lily 10. 沿这条路直行 go along the street 11. 在第二个十字路口左转 turn right at the second crossing 12. 离这里不远 not far from here 13. 花时间读书 spend time (in) reading 14. 花钱买书 (2 种) spend money on sth./ pay money for sth. 15. 看猴子们跳来跳去 watch the monkeys climbing around 16. 带某人四处参观 show someone around 17. 过桥 go across the bridge 18. 周末有空 be free on weekends 19. 免费参观博物馆 visit the museum for free 20. 去购物 go shopping 21. 住在一个热闹的街区 live in a noisy neighborhood 22. 享受做某事的过程 enjoy doing 23. 周内很忙 be busy on weekdays 24. 轻松学英语 learn English easily Unit7 1. 在一个下雨天 (2 种) on rainy days/ in the rainy weather 2. 跟某人打招呼 say hello to someone 3. 进展如何?How is it going with sb. /sth.? 4. 还不错 Not bad. 5. 听起来像 sounds like 从句 6. 给某人带个口信 take a message for sb. 7. 留个口信 leave a message 8. 现在/立刻马上 right now 9. 在电话上聊天一小时 talk on the phone for an hour 10. 弹吉他弹得很开心 he has fun/ has a good time playing the guitar 11. 上暑期学校 go to summer school 12. 参加夏令营 join the summer camp 13. 学到了很多农业方面的知识 learn a lot about farming 14. 坐在泳池边 sit by the pool 15. 努力学习 study hard 16. 一个欧洲国家 a European country 17. 在 山 里 度 假 take a vacation in the mountains/ be on a vacation in the mountains 18. 给某人写信 write to someone 19. 刚好适合散步 be right for walking 20. 玩雪 play with snow 21. 在雪中玩耍 play in the snow 22. 在河面上滑冰 skate on a river 23. 让她给我打个电话 tell her to call me back Unit9 1. 2. 3. 4. 棕色长卷发 long curly brown hair 中等身材 be of medium build 有点儿可怕 kind of scary 公园门口见 meet at the gate of the park/

meet in front of the park 5. 一个戴眼镜的小姑娘 a little girl with glasses/ a little girl who wears glasses 6. 我 姐 姐 最 喜 欢 的 女 演 员 my sister ’s favorite actress 7. 寻找罪犯 look for the criminal 8. 找到罪犯 find the criminal 9. 每一位学生 each student 10. 一份有趣的工作 an interesting job 11 跟某人谈论某事 talk with/to someone about something 12. 看见某人做某事 see someone doing/do 13. 以同样的方式去做一件事 do the same thing the same way 14. 以不同的方式描述同一个人 describe the same person differently 15. 记得读过这本书 remember reading the book 16. 擅长烹饪 be good at cooking 17. 对健康有好处 be good for health 18. 对孩子们很友好 be friendly to children 19. 擅长与孩子们相处 be good at being good with children 20. 首先 first of all 15. 变得流行 get popular 16. 切碎 cut up 17. 长寿的象征 a symbol of long life 18. 花两元钱买一只牙刷 buy a toothbrush for two yuan 19. 带来好运 bring good luck to 20. 别担心 Don’t worry 21. 缺钱 be short of money Unit11 1. 去参加学校旅行 go on the school trip 2. 挤奶 milk a cow 3. 骑马 ride a horse 4. 喂鸡 feed chickens 5. 给某人照相 take photos of 6. 相当多的朋友 quite a lot of friends 7. 学到很 多关于 农耕的知 识 learn a lot about farming 8. 种苹果 grow apples 9. 摘苹果 pick apples 10.在农村 in the countryside 11. 去野营/ 去钓鱼 go camping/ go fishing 12. 晚上看星星 watch the stars at night 13. 关心 care for/ take care of 14. 出来 come out 15. 沿途 along the way 16. 去参观一个消防站 go to visit a fire station 17. 教我们英语 teach us English 18. 教我们如何学英语 teach us how to learn English 19. 给爸爸买一份礼物 buy a gift for father 20. 总而言之 all in all 21. 对什么感兴趣 be interested in 22. 一点儿也不 not… at all Unit10 1.想要点喝的 (2 种) want to order something to drink/ would like something to drink 2. 一碗羊肉汤 a bowl of mutton soup 3. 两碗西红柿鸡蛋面 two bowls of tomato and egg noodles 4. 一些很好的特色菜 some great specials 5. 接受某人点菜 take one’s order 6. 点一些吃的 order something to eat 7. 命令某人做某事 order someone to do something 8. 什么尺寸 what size 9. 一口气,一次性 in one go 10. 世界各地 around the world 11. ….的数量 the number of 12. 许愿 make a wish 13. 变成现实 come true 14. 吹灭蜡烛 blow out the candles Unit12 1. 上周末 last weekend 2. 去划船 go boating 3. 在湖边野营 camp by the lake

4. 到海边去 go to the beach 5. 打羽毛球 play bton 6. 复习备考 study for the exams 7. 以导游的身份工作 work as a guide 8. 熬夜看球赛 stay up late to watch ball games 9. 逃跑 ran away 10. 学习第二种语言 learn a second language 11.(因生气) 对某喊 shout at 12. (为了使听到)对某喊 shout to 13. 放风筝 fly a kite 14. 高中毕业 finish high school 15. 带 我 们 去 印 度 作 为 特 殊 礼 物 take someone to India as a special gift 16. 支帐篷 put up tents 17. 生火 make a fire 18. 在 月 光 下 唱 歌 sing songs under the moon 19. 给彼此讲故事 tell each other stories 20. 第二天早上 the next morning 21. 感到惊讶 get a surprise 22. 让 父 母 了 解 到 危 险 let parents know about the danger 23. 开始上窜下跳 start to jump up and down 24. 移动到树林里 move into the forest 25. 从 某 件 事 情 当 中 总 结 教 训 learn something from something 更多电子版资料加微信 15594998676 免费获取

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