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2015 英语八年级下册人教版最新第八单元知识点及课后练习 一.必背词组 1.go out to sea 出海 2.be full of ?=be filled with?充满了?,装满了? 3.the back of the book 书的尾声 4.arrive on this island with enough food and drink 带着足够的水和食物登上岛屿 5.arrive in/ at?到达? 6.the marks of another man’s feet 另一个人的足迹 7.run towards my house 向我的房子的方向跑来 8.signs left behind 被留在身后的印记 9.on the beach 在海滩上 10.science and technology 科学和技术 11.science fiction 科学幻想 12.can’t wait to do something 迫不及待地做? 13.a number of people 许多人 14.the number of people 人的数量 15.country music 乡村音乐 16.a traditional kind of music 传统的音乐种类 17.belong to?属于? 18.the southern states of America 美国南部的州 19.the home of country music 乡村音乐的发源地 20.the importance of money and success 金钱和成功的重要性 21.the beauty of nature and the countryside 自然和乡村的美丽 22.become famous 变得著名 23.find out 找到,发现 24.introduce this singer to others 把这个歌手介绍给其他人 25.grow up 成长,长大 26.at the end of?在?的末尾 27.at the beginning of ?在?的开始 28.the book club 读书俱乐部 29.an island full of treasures 一个充满金银财宝的岛屿 30.a fantastic book 一本奇异的书 31.a boy who lives in the United Kingdom 一个生活在英国的男孩 32.hurry up 赶快 33.be due for something 预计做?预定做? 34.be due to do something 预计做?预定做? 35.bring something back 把?带回来 36.in American history 在美国历史上 37.one of the most successful musicians 最成功的音乐家之一 38.one another=each other 相互 二.必背句式

1.Have you read Treasure Island yet?你读过《金银岛》吗?(注意 yet) 2.Yes, I have. /No, I haven’t.是的,我读过。

/ 不,我没读过。

3.Has Tina read Treasure Island yet? Tina 读过金银岛吗? 4.Yes, she has. /No, she hasn’t.是的,她读过。


5.I haven’t finished reading it yet.我依然还没读完它。

(注意 yet) 6.I’ve already finished reading it.我已经读完它了。

(注意 already) 7.I have read five books already.我已经读了 5 本书了。

(注意 already) 三.必背句子 1.It was really good, so I could n’t put it down.它(指书)真的很好,所以我不能放下它。

2.The book report is due in two weeks.读书报告定于两周后。

3.When I first arrived on this island, I had nothing.当我最初登上岛屿的时候, 我一无所有。

4.I’ve brought back many things I can use.我已取回我可以用的许多东西。

5.Although I have lost everything, I have not lost my life. .虽然我已失去一切,但我还没有失去生命。

6.So I will not give up and I will wait for another ship.因此,我不会放弃,我将等待另外的 船。

7.I go out with my gun almost every day to kill animals and birds for food. 我几乎每天都带着枪 8.去,杀动物和鸟儿当食物。

8.Not long after that, I saw some cannibals trying to kill two men from a broken ship. 那之后不久,我看到有些食者奋力追杀两个来自于一艘破船的人。

9.She came to realize how much she actually missed all of them. 她逐渐意识到,她其实是多么地思念他们所有的人。

10.Ever since then, she has been a fan of American country music. 从那以后,她就成了美国乡村音乐迷。

11.However, country music brings us back to the“good old days” when people were kind to each other and trusted on another.然而,乡村音乐把我们带回了“过去的美好时光” ,那时,人 们彼此友爱,彼此信任。

12.It reminds us that the best things in life are free— laughter, friends, family, and the beauty of nature and the countryside.它让我们想起,生命中最美好的事物是自由——笑声,朋友,家 庭还有自然和乡村美景。

13.Sarah hasn’t been to Nashville yet, but it is her dream to go there one day. Sarah 依然没有去过 Nashville,但是她的梦想就是总有一天去那儿。

14.I hope to see him sing live one day.我希望有一天看他现场唱歌。

四.试题训练: 1.Have you decided yet which book _______(write)about for English? 2.I’ve already finished _______(read) Little woman. It’s about four sisters _______(grow) up. 3.He has three _____(knife) in his schoolbag. 4. There is a _____(break) boat on the beach. 5.I’ll _______(wait) for another ship. 6.We can use knives ______(cut )things. 7.Would you like something _______(drink)? 8.Sally ____already______(read) more than 100 different books. 9.Students can’t wait ________(see) their parents every Friday.

10.I want to be a _________(science) when I grow up. 11. It’s __________(danger) to swim in the river. 12.Garth Brooks is a great _________(mucic)in America. 13.My mother __________(not come) back yet. 14.Country music is from __________(south) America. 15.My Heart Will Go On is a _________(beauty)song. 16.He was so hungry that he kept on __________(eat). 17.__________(cut) down trees is bad for our environment. 18.Can you speak ________(France)? 19.Garth Brooks has already sold more than 120 _______(million) records. 20.Listening to The Toms is a good way_____(wake) up. 21.I often see him ______play) in class. 22. I__________ (tell) him about it two days ago, but he___________(not decide) what to do yet. 23. Mr Brown____________(teach) her French for a month, but she still can’t speak French well. 24.. The young singer___________(become) famous last year and he___________(have) several concerts by himself since then. 25. ---When_________they______(leave) Guangzhou? ---This morning.They____________(be)away for about three hours. 26.We__________(get) to London yesterday, but we_____________(not start) to work yet. 27. What time did you___________(actual) leave? 28. They did n’t achieve great____________(succeed) in life. 30.Wow! The house is always full of ______________(laugh). 31. The rich man gave away________________(million) of dollars to those poor areas. 32.I _____already________(finish) doing the work. 33._______she__________ (see) the movie So Young (《致青春》) yet? 34. They ______just _________(decide) to go to Beidaihe on vacation. 35. ________Jack __________(read) Robinson Crusoe before? 36. ---________Mr Black________ (leave) Tianjin? — No, not yet. 37. She is 70 years old. She ______(use) to be a singer. 38.Leifeng ______(die) twenty years ago. 39.Kate is one of______________(thin)boys in our class. 40.I can speak three languages,__________(include) Japanese. 1. I think Treasure Island is a fantastic book. A. good B. nice C. fine D. wonderful 2.It’ll cost at least 500 dollars. A. more than B. not less than C. less than D. not more than 3.Which book did you choose? A.decide to read B.look over C.find out D.look for 4.---Why not listen to pop music, Tom? --- Oh, that’t not my cup of tea. I like country music better. A. it’s my favorite. B.I’m not interested in it.

C. it’s good for me. D.I don’t want to drink it. 5.The man lost his life. A.was dead B.d from C. was dying D.lost his way 6. He found the marks of the feet. A. signs B.photos C.something D.pictures 7.I had nothing. A.I had not something. B. I did n’t have anything. C. I did n’t have something. D. I had everything. 8.Sally has more than 100 different books. A.over B.about C.almost D.nearly 9.I think Tom Sawyer is a bit boring. A.much B.a little C.a lot D.very 10.She is interested in science. A.becomes interested in B.gets interested in C.takes an interest in D.takes interested in 11.Hurry up! There is little time for the work. A.Take it east B.Take your time C.Be quick D.Don’t worry 12. We should be brave in the face of difficulties. A.to make B.to face C.to challenge D.to solve. 1.The book report is due ___________.(两周内) 2.I found ___________ the feet.(......的标记) 3.When Sarah was kid,she used to_______________with her family.(为所有事情产生争执) 4.We ________________.(对科技感兴趣) 5.I heard a song __________ about returning home yesterday.(充满感情) 6. How did she ____________(初次出名) 7.I bought a __________CD yesterday.(流行音乐) 8.I understand __________.(成功的重要性) 9.She has ______________ for a year.(在国外工作) 10.I ___________ him sing live one day.(希望看到) 11.Garth is __________________.(最成功的歌手之一) 12.He’ll ____________it one day.(开始意识到) 13. Their music ____________.(听起来更像摇滚乐) 14.Have you _________ Treasure Island?(听说) 15. Please __________(翻到第 12 页) 16. Hangzhou is __________silk in China.(......的故乡) 17.This house _________my aunt two years ago.(属于) 18._____________, I’ve found smile is the best way to make us happy. (从那以后) 19.I hope to see him _________ one day.(现场演唱) 20.____________the students is 1,000 in our school.(......的数量) 21.If she has a good book to read, she can’t ______ ____at all.(把它放下) 22.____________ will come to today’s meeting?(其他什么人)

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